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HelpKidzLearn September 13, 2009

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Inclusive Technology have created this site which includes a large selection of their touch screen, switch accessible, and simple point and click activities. They’re great for younger students and those with learning difficulties.

Pete Wells’ Website November 6, 2007

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There are some absolutely superb sensory story powerpoints on this website from teacher Pete Wells. I love his version of Dickens’ Christmas Carol! There are also a selection of program downloads including an interactive weather map and a “drag and plop” version of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.

Askability September 7, 2007

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The Children’s Society are launching their new Askability website today. Produced by Solutions Squared and Widgit Software, the site has been designed to provide a source of news and information for disabled children and young people. The site uses Widgit’s communication symbols to present local & national news, what’s on guides, jokes and stories. Children can send in their own stories and pictures to be displayed online.

SEN Resources September 7, 2007

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There’s a few sites I want to mention today…

Widgit’s Support for Parents & Carers
As well as providing lots of great software and communication materials Widgit keep producing lots of nice mini-sites. I’ve mentioned several of them in the blog before now. These new pages have been designed to support the parents & carers of children with SEN. The mini-site provides easy access to a lot of downloadable materials (such as stories, games, vocabularly lists etc.) that can be printed to help out with learning at home.

Ispeek Freebies
There’s several nice free downloads on this website, including several that will be useful for all pupils not just those with SEN. I particularly like the passport booklets. The Rice Krispie Cakes recipe page would be useful if you’re looking at instructional texts.

Communication 4 All
You have to browse around a lot to find the free resources on this site but there’s plenty of interesting material to be had if you do. The signing resources page has a nice set of classroom labels, there’s some useful sheets on the science pages and also four good powerpoints in the download section.

Deafsign September 7, 2007

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Learning about sign language is a great activity to do with primary or secondary children. If you’re interested in exploring some of the basics then it’s well worth looking at this website from Deafsign. The site contains lots of background information, games, contacts and useful links to sites about deafness and British Sign Language. Deafsign also publish books, dictionaries, posters, flashcards, ebooks and motivational stickers to support learners from Early Years to adults. There’s plenty of free downloads so you can try out their resources as well.

Priory Woods School September 7, 2007

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Priory Woods is an all age community special school situated in east Middlesbrough. It has a superb website that’s been designed by Ian Bean of Inclusive Technology. There’s a large selection of great downloads in their resources section including talking story books, counting songs, games and targetting activities.

SymbolWorld September 7, 2007

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I’ve been aware of Widgit’s rebus symbols and excellent software for years but I only came across this great site for the first time today. Designed for people who use Widgit’s communciation symbols it contains stories, personal contributions and learning resources. It also features a monthly online magazine for older readers with news, film reviews, fun and games, features and recipes.

Epilepsy Action September 7, 2007

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The 14th – 20th May is National Epilepsy Week. The theme this year is children, young people and education so it has particular relevance to those working in schools. In the UK, 42,000 children under the age of 16 have epilepsy but only 19 per cent of schools who responded to a questionnaire by Epilepsy Action felt that staff awareness of epilepsy is good.

The Epilepsy Action website has some resources on their website to help increase the knowledge of the condition including a schools policy and details of the pilot ‘Epilepsy in Schools Awareness Programme’. An online resource is being developed that aims to provide school staff with all they need to maximise the potential of a child with epilepsy’s education, as well as lesson plans to help them teach other children about epilepsy to reduce stigma and bullying.

Some facts about epilepsy, taken from the website:

On a final note about epilepsy, the Epilepsy Action website has this to say about a certain piece of political correctness propaganda:

“We are often asked about the word ‘brainstorming’ and whether its use is acceptable. Our view is that it depends upon the context: if the word is being used to describe a meeting where participants are suggesting ideas, then its use is not offensive to people with epilepsy. However, it should not be used to describe a seizure or the electrical activity within the brain during a seizure.”

SEN Teacher August 28, 2007

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This site has been on our main links page for years but I thought I’d give it a mention here for those of you who haven’t come across it before. Run by special needs teacher Simon Evans, the site contains lots of free downloadable programs and printable resources that are very useful for special schools, children with SEN or just younger students in general. It’s not been update for a while but it’s still well worth checking out.