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Healthy Eating May 11, 2015

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There are a whole host of websites out there extolling the virtues of various foods and their health benefits as part of a balanced diet. You can create a balanced lesson by selectively picking and choosing ¬†material from a variety of them. ūüôā For salad, look at Salad Days. If you’re after cheese, there are resources from the aptly named British Cheese Board. Dairy in general? DairyCo For a healthy start to to day, look at Shake Up Your Wake Up. Fish? Fish is the Dish. Potatoes? Grow Your Own Potatoes.¬†Bread and other foods from grain? GrainChain

Or you could go to Food A Fact of Life which incorporates material from a lot of the organisations above!

Send My Friend May 8, 2015

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The Send My Friend website has teaching resources, learning activities & video clips for anyone looking to teach their class about the global campaign to ensure quality education for all children. The organisation runs an annual campaign and offers a free teaching pack for schools.

Everyone Counts (Oxfam) May 5, 2015

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Oxfam Education have created this Maths resource for ages 8-12 that uses real-world data to compare the lives of children from across the globe. Covering topics such as as time and data handling, the resource explores how inequality affects the lives of children in different parts of the globe.

Blue Cross Pet Care June 5, 2013

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The Blue Cross charity website has presentations, activities and resources on the topic of¬†caring for pets for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 students. The site also links to Pet Education Resources, a larger education site¬†which includes support material from a¬†collaboration of the UK’s pet welfare organisations.

Comic Relief 2013 February 13, 2013

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Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day takes place this year on¬†Friday 15th March and as always it offers schools a great opportunity to have some fun and make a difference.

You can order a free School Fundraising Resource Packs full of fundraising tips, activity ideas, balloons, stickers and posters from www.rednoseday.com/schoolsite. The Comic Relief website also contains a great collection of teaching resources, activities, assembly scripts and videos to help teach your students about global issues.

So What? Conservation October 1, 2012

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So What?  is a UK based educational website that aims to bring wildlife conservation into the classroom. The site provides structured lesson plans & resources to support either conservation club activities or general class topics on a selection of threatened species including tigers, cheetahs, grey wolves and gorillas.

Time for Assembly September 27, 2012

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S. Daly’s Time for Assembly website has a collection of individual, group and class assembly scripts organised by theme.


Life. Live It. June 20, 2012

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Part of the British Red Cross’ primary teaching resources, the Life. Live It. website aims¬†to teach primary school pupils the essentials of first aid. The site explains what first aid is, how to safe safe and what to do in an emergency. There are lesson plans and worksheets to accompany each of the sections of the site.

Imagine the Difference June 13, 2012

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Imagine the Difference has been developed by Scope to help children at Key Stages 1 and 2 to understand that every human being is different, and that difference is a positive thing. The site includes a teachers’ pack and activity ideas.

Explore Forests September 2, 2011

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Loosely connected to a storybook, these free resources explore the topic of forests and deforestation through cross-curricular activities. Designed for Year 4 & 5 pupils, both samples of the sheets and the complete resource pack can be downloaded from the link above.