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EFDSS Folk Music & Dance Resources September 8, 2015

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The English Folk Dance & Song Society‘s resource bank contains lots of material that will be useful for primary teachers in dance, music and other lessons. The beginners’ guides provide introductory background information on folk music, dance, song, costume and drama. There are also teaching resources and a collection of song lyrics and audio files to use with your students.

Traditional Songs March 14, 2011

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This is a great website which showcases traditional songs from all around the world. Browsable by continent and country, there is a printable score for each song and many also have translated lyrics and mp3 files attached.

Sing Up February 9, 2010

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The Sing Up project resources have been designed support the use of singing as a cross-curricular tool. The site features a large library of songs, a bank of lesson plans linked to different subjects and a collection of general hints, tips and tools to improve your students’ singing skills.

BBC: Heroes of Troy January 12, 2010

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Heroes of Troy, from the BBC School Radio service, is a music resource for school children aged 9 to 11 and offers 7 songs to learn, each linking to an episode of the Trojan War.¬†The website is audio-based, but also includes Teachers’ Notes, words and music for the songs and backing tracks. Well-known music presenter David Grant is on hand to teach all of the songs. It’s intended to target a range of music objectives at Key Stage 2 but also links to the history topic Ancient Greece while offering opportunities to link music with literacy and performance.

Music Resources September 10, 2009

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Site user Eve Scott kindly sent in these links to these music sites she’s found useful:

Free downloadable sets of rhythm cards from Layton Music. Just print off, trim and laminate.

Another fantastic site for music resources is Beat Boppers. They have some free downloadables suitable for early stages. You provide email details and they send you a pdf file to print off.

Dan & The Magic Musician September 3, 2008

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It’s probably verging on propaganda but this site from the Royal College of Organists has quite a fun video that introduces younger children to the pipe organ. It might proves useful if you’re planning on visiting your local church or are going to hear an organ recital.

Downloading Music May 8, 2008

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Childnet Internation have produced an updated version of their free guide for teachers and parents that explains the process of downloading music from the Internet and some of the associated legal issues.

Virtual Orchestra November 19, 2007

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This Northumberland Grid for Learning site provides a virtual tour of the orchestra. You can view photographs of each instrument and hear them being played.

Sleepover Planet October 2, 2007

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This month’s BBC Schools Newsletter includes details of this interesting site which includes some really useful practical¬†advice for teachers who are organising a school production. It’s based around a sample musical, Sleepover Planet, but all the tips can equally be applied to just about any performance.

The Sleepover Planet website is a complete toolkit which takes teachers and pupils step by step through the process of staging a school musical. With lyrics, interactive musical notation and a practical guide to stagecraft, putting on a school musical has never been easier.

NWLG Primary Music September 10, 2007

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This site, from the North West Learning Grid, contains a collection of activities for teaching music to Key Stage 1 and 2 students. The activities are organised into distinct units and come complete with sound files, lyrics and sheet music where appropriate. The site features a music glossary as well as a grid that shows where each unit fits in with the National Curriculum.