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I/O Brush September 7, 2007

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This has been around for a while now but I’d not come across it until I noticed someone mention it in a gadgets blog. It’s a prototype for a digital painting tool aimed at children. The children use a device that the inventors say looks like a regular paintbrush (although it’s bigger than any paintbrush I’ve ever come across) to capture colours, patterns and images from any object they want. Inside the giant paintbrush is a camera that grabs the images and the paintbrush is then used to paint onto a touch sensitive interactive whiteboard-style screen. It’s worth visiting the site just to look at the video demonstration as it’s quite amusing. I can see this sort of device being a lot of fun in a museum’s visitors centre but I’m not completely sure of its long term educational use!

Bee-Bot August 27, 2007

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I thought I’d quickly give the Bee-Bot a mention. It’s something that I would hope everybody has seen by now. The winner of a BETT award last week, the Bee-Bot is a relatively new control device that’s perfect for introducing the idea of control in the Foundation Stage and early Key Stage 1.

Check out the official website above for more details. Plenty of educational suppliers are stocking it, including RM.