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Teacher Support Network January 27, 2010

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The Teacher Support Network is a group of independent charities and a social enterprise that provide practical and emotional support to staff in the education sector and their families. They offer information, support, and coaching to all teachers and staff in England, Wales & Scotland. The site’s InfoCentre contains more than 1,400 useful factsheets for teachers.

Sheldon and Facebook March 1, 2008

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I’ve mentioned the super webcomic, Sheldon, before. Today’s strip is great for lovers (and haters!) of Facebook.

Symbaloo December 14, 2007

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Lots of different sites try to get you to select them as your homepage. Symbaloo is certainly well worth a look as it allows you to create an extremely streamlined page where your favourite websites and feeds have their own buttons.

You’re given a very useful set of starting icons and it’s extremely easy to add your own links. If you’ve got a lot of sites you want to include (or just want to categorise things a little more) then you can use multiple “desktops”. There is also a very cool news wall where stories are presented as picture buttons.

I’m definitely going to give it a try…


Mr Men Games December 12, 2007

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I recently came across this collection of Mr Men games on an unofficial fan site. There are some fun activities for younger children including one where you can create your own Mr Men or Little Miss character.

If, like me, you remember the Mr Men from your own childhood then you probably need to prepare yourself for the new Mr Men TV series coming to Five (and the US Cartoon Network) in 2008.

Although the characters will be voiced by British actors (in the UK version), traditionalists may find the redesigned Mr Men difficult to accept. The changes include Mr Nos(e)y without his big nose, a triangular Mr Strong,  an orange Mr Small, an elongated green Mr Lazy and… even worse… Mr Fussy becomes Mr Persnickety.

(I feel old now. 🙂 )

Batteries Not Included December 4, 2007

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The Children’s Society have produced a free (UK only) collection of family activity ideas for the Christmas period. It’s a really sweet collection hints, tips and stories that should give you plenty to do with your own children over the holidays and there are also a few activities that you could adapt for classroom use.

If you’ve got young children then it is well worth filling in an online request for the booklet. I sent off for one them myself after seeing an advert running for it on the main Primary Resources website (of all places!)

Silent Kimbly November 8, 2007

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This webcomic from Ryan Sias brings visual puns and wordplay to life three times a week. As a teacher there are several strips that would provide really fun springboards into discussions on homonyms, spelling strategies and idiomatic phrases. I love Ryan’s art style as well.

Here’s my pick of some of the cartoons that would be really great to use with primary students: Mountaineers / Photograph / Swim Suit / Tank Top / Step Sisters / Chain Restaurant / Traffic Jam / Teacher & Pupils / Taking Notes / Airplane Hanger / Pane in the Neck / New Coat of Paint / Pen Pals / Card Board / Gripping Book

BookMooch October 26, 2007

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Our last fun link this week, BookMooch allows you to swap books you’ve read for books you haven’t.  Adding books to the site database and sending them to other people earn you points. You use these points to pay for books that you’d like to read yourself.

I’ve come across a few sites like this in the past but I particularly like some of the features on this one. You can browse by recommendation, topic, location (e.g. books from users in the same country that you are) or use the “Moochbar”, which you can activate as you view books on sites like Amazon.co.uk.

It’s a worldwide site but there are lots of users (and available books) in the UK.

The Hype Machine October 25, 2007

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If you’re into your music then check out this great site. The Hype Machine lets you preview songs that bloggers all over the world are writing about. It’s a great way to discover new music.

Sketchcast October 23, 2007

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Another half-term fun link, although this one might be useful in class as well. Sketchcast allows you to record a sketch (with or without voice commentary) and play it back as a movie. You can embed your sketch in a blog (or other webpage) or share your sketch channel with your friends.

Sheldon October 22, 2007

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As it’s half term for most UK teachers all the links this week will be non-teaching related. To start us off, check out Dave Kellett’s great Sheldon webcomic which today pokes fun at our favourite Swedish home furnishing store.