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CBeebies Fun Activities October 5, 2012

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The Grown-ups section of the BBC’s CBeebies website is a convenient way to browse the large selection of material for young children. You can filter activities by age of children, learning area, theme and which TV programme it’s linked to.

Teeny Reading Seeds February 28, 2011

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Phonics International is a commercial scheme but the people behind it have made these basic early phonics resources available for free on their website. The material includes rhyme & song suggestions, colouring sheets, picture games and alphabet displays.

HelpKidzLearn September 13, 2009

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Inclusive Technology have created this site which includes a large selection of their touch screen, switch accessible, and simple point and click activities. They’re great for younger students and those with learning difficulties.

Early ICT September 7, 2007

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This is another of the excellent mini-sites from the Kent NGfL. It contains loads of resources for using ICT in an Early Years classroom in a meaningful, beneficial way. There’s games to download, ICT ideas for the most popular topics and a great collection of weblinks.

Foundation Jigsaws September 7, 2007

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This page of foundation stage resources (from the Northumberland Grid for Learning) has a selection of click and drag jigsaw activities to develop mouse skills.

PEEP and the Big Wide World September 7, 2007

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This site is lots of fun. It’s based on the US TV show of the same name and is designed to help introduce basic science concepts to very young children. There’s a great collection of interactive games on the site, a huge collection of activities that parents can do with their children (or that Early Years teachers can use in the classroom), an episode of the show to watch online and several colouring pages.

Early Years Experience September 7, 2007

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This site has been designed to help those involved with young children be it in playgroups, nurseries or schools. It contains book reviews, craft recipes, songs & rhymes lyrics as well as lots of activity ideas. There’s also a multi-cultural resources section, a small collection of fundraising ideas and lots of useful weblinks.

Sebran September 7, 2007

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This is another great free program. Written by Swedish programmer Marianne Wartoft, Sebran will be particularly useful to those teaching early Key Stage 1 or SEN children. It consists of 12 numeracy/literacy activities that cover areas such as counting, simple addition & subtraction, multiplication, word recognition and initial letters. As with all software there’s areas that could do with tweaking (such as the use of capital letters in certain place where I’m sure KS1 colleagues might prefer lowercase) but it is still a super program and would be particularly effective on a touch screen.

Marianne’s site also includes several other free downloads include miniSebran (a collection of activities for even younger children), a phonics game, a geography game, vocabulary training programs and a poetry screen saver.

Kershaw Kids August 27, 2007

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I’ve been meaning to mention this site for a while now. Barbara Kershaw, a full time mum who also enjoys programming in Flash has put together this set of educational activities for young children. It’s likely to be of most use for the Foundation stage as the main section, the playroom has lots of simple drag and drop activities. There are activities for older children, though including a break the code games, test your tables and a online junior Sudoku activity.

Interactica August 27, 2007

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This quirky site is a popular resource for those working in the Foundation stage and Key Stage 1, particularly the Poisson Rouge mini-site. There’s lots to explore and click on which makes it great fun.