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Amazing Crazes February 2, 2016

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Marbles, dinky toys, hula hoops, scoubidous, bang snaps, slime, spokey dokes and Tamagotchi… This Oxford Open Learning site looks back at over 50 years of toys that took classrooms and playgrounds by storm. The timeline runs up to the late 90s but students these days will no doubt find it fascinating to see not only what their parents were caught sneaking into school but also what toys have recently become popular once more.

Henri Le Worm Resources November 4, 2015

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The Henri Le Worm website is a free interactive website with some links to a (paid) Android/Apple app. Even without the app, teachers may find the supporting lessons plans useful for delivering aspects of Science & DT. The lessons are designed to be delivered over an entire school year and cover topics such as food miles, seasonality, plant growth, food preparation and healthy eating.

Technology Timeline May 1, 2015

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This interactive timeline, from ITN Source uses film/video clips to highlight how science and technology have changed our lives over the past hundred years ago. As always, it’s worth watching clips through to check all content is suitable for your particular class.

Liquids Mean Life July 8, 2011

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The Liquids Mean Life site has been produced by the British Soft Drinks Association. The site contains twenty different lessons covering science topics such as water and also D&T activities based around designing, marketing and evaluating a drink.

Young Shelterbox November 10, 2010

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ShelterBox, an international disaster relief charity, have produced this website that takes the work that they do and links it with several design & technology themes at KS1 and KS2. For younger students there are activities looking at money boxes and baking biscuits. The KS2 challenges focus on shelters.

Health & Safety Sign Association March 3, 2010

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The Health & Safety Sign Association has a selection of resources for primary school students aimed at improving their recognition and understanding of standard safety signs. Activities and resources on the site introduce the colours and shapes, used in safety and informational symbols, and get students to design their own signs.

Botham’s Guide to Bread March 17, 2008

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This site, from Yorkshire bakers Botham’s, is really useful for those classes that are looking at making bread in their design & technology lessons. There’s information about how bread is made commercially, a history of bread through the ages and some really simple bread recipes. It’s obviously been around on the Internet for quite some time but I think that it’s still worth taking a look at. 

Cracking Ideas December 3, 2007

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The Wallace & Gromit-themed Cracking Ideas site has been produced by the UK Intellectual Property Office. It ties in with an annual competition but there are plenty of standalone resources on the site targetted at the upper end of KS2.

For teachers there are three units of work (Year 6), a great one hour lesson plan (Year 5/6), details on copyright & patents and handy tips on how to encourage innovation in your classroom.

For students there are profiles of ten famous inventors, examples of current innovations and crackpot ideas, home invention activities and tips on how to create, improve and market cracking ideas.

The only slight grumble I have about the site is the tiny text!

Devices of Wonder September 19, 2007

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Explore the ways our ancestors entertained themselves with this fun site from the Getty Museum in the US. You can ‘play’ online with a lot of cool toys and gadgets, many several hundred years old.

Primary Design & Technology September 7, 2007

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This site from Nuffield links to their commercial primary solutions scheme but includes a lot of free downloads. You can access any of their 24 units of work, see examples of work by children and obtain additional units linked to or developed from the QCA ones.