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CuttingandSticking.co May 7, 2015

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Lucy Hall‘s cuttingandsticking.co blog features a collection of art & craft ideas for primary school children of all ages. Topics include art from around the world and the seasons as well as material focussing on specific artists and techniques.

Paperworks June 7, 2013

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The Confederation of Paper Industries have produced Paperworks, a resources site with teaching packs on the topic of paper linked to Art & Design for KS1 pupils and Science & Technology for KS2 pupils. Each pack consists of an online presentation, teaching notes and worksheets.

House of Illustration September 25, 2012

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This brilliant collection of resources from the House of Illustration charity give lots of practical ideas of how to use art to support science learning. “Packed with worksheets, templates, instructions and reference images, they include everything you need to create circulation animations, a nature spotting website, giant plant portraits or micro-organism fact cards with your class.”

My Green School May 20, 2011

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These downloadable cross-curricular My Green School lessons on the Open-City website have been designed to help children learn about sustainable architecture through first hand investigations of their own school building.

Sketchbooks in Schools October 1, 2009

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AccessArt‘s Sketchbook in Schools site aims to promote, inspire and enable the creative use of sketchbooks in primary schools. There are lots of ideas on how to best introduce sketchbooks to your students and plenty of activities for using them in art, design and across the curriculum.

Paul Carney Arts September 29, 2009

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Paul Carney’s art site provides a range of  lesson ideas, project suggestions and free art resources for teaching at at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. The technique section is particularly interesting covering media such as batiq, ink and charcoal. There are sections looking at ICT in Art and plenty of material to help you assess the progress of your students.

NMOLP WebQuests September 17, 2009

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Nine different British museums and galleries have collaborated on these webquests which cover subjects including How do we Remember? (KS1), Number Rhymes (KS1), Hide and Seek (KS1), Toys from the Past (KS1), The Children’s War (KS2), Chinese New Year (KS2), The Radiant Buddha (KS2), Henry VIII’s Next Wife (KS2) and Exploring Light (KS2). All the WebQuests incorporate resources from at least three museums/galleries.

Bedford Bytes November 22, 2007

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This site, based around two museums in Bedford, contains really useful material to help teachers cover some of the QCA units of work.

‘Toys of the Past’ (KS1 History) features several toy sorting and describing activities as well as a wonderful gallery of old toys.

‘Mother Nature, Designer’ (KS2 Art & Design) has art examples, photographs of both natural and designed objects and an online pattern making activity.

Finally, ‘Take a Seat’ (KS2 Art & Design) contains photographs of chairs from the museum collection, art featuring chairs and two interactive activities.

Each section of the site also includes a introduction for teachers, a scheme of work, some activity sheets (where appropriate) and examples of pupils’ work.

Tux Paint October 9, 2007

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Tux Paint is a free open source drawing program designed for primary students. Versions of the software are available for a wide variety of operating systems including Windows, MacOS and Linux. Tux Paint is fully configurable, so you can do things like turn off the sound, disable the print function, remove the rubber stamps feature or add your own colour palettes. 

Portrait Detectives September 24, 2007

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This site features some of the Tudor portraits from the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. You can explore the paintings to find clues that reveal more about the historical figures.