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Primary Displays Update March 6, 2011

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44 new photos have been added to Primary Displays today. Details of all the additions are given below…

English: Roald Dahl Character Portraits / Literacy Displays / The Savage / Wow Words Garden / Alien Life Form
Maths: Temperature Display / Multiplication / Sir Symmetry / 2D & 3D Shapes/
Science: Plants / Teeth / Food Groups / Movement / Habitat Dioramas / Rocks and Soils /Interdependence and Adaptation /Skeletons
Geography: The Rainforest /Africa Display / Australia / Rainforests /  Weather /Investigating Rivers
History: Design Chairs for Pharaohs / Children in World War 2 / Florence Nightingale /  Ancient Egypt Cartouches /Ancient Egypt /Rainforests 1 / Rainforests 2 / Tudor Portraits
Music: Musical Instruments
Art: Clarice Cliff / Spring Flowers /Andy Goldsworthy
D&T: Santa Slippers / Money Containers /Quilts
RE: Prayer Mats
Languages: French Christmas
Foundation: Percy the Park Keeper Roleplay Area
Seasonal: Autumn Pictures
Other: A Curriculum for Excellence / Behaviour Board

Thanks to  Kelly Louise Bonner, Amy Bingham, Rene Talliard, Chris Casali, Row Martin, Diana Head, Debby Phillips, Carmen Nel, Katherine Hester, Dinesh Khimji, Jo Mathews, Sheena Overend, Amanda Jones, Stephanie Bentley, Liz Doig, Thomas Molloy, Holly Dunnett, Barbara Griffin, Dean Humber, Kelli Moon, Richard Tunnadine, Thania Wehmeyer, Jinky Dabon, Bryony Boulton and Tabitha Bradburn.

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