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Cartoonito French Resources September 16, 2008

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This area of pre-school TV channel Cartoonito‘s website features a selection of French games, videos and songs. The resources introduce a suitable range of simple vocabularly for younger language learners.

Just Soccer Drills September 8, 2008

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Bradford teacher David Smith has created this PE web site which contains a large collection of (association) football games and practices. Many of the activities can be adapted for use with other invasion games as well.

RSCPA Education September 5, 2008

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The RSPCA education site has a large collection of lesson plans for both Key Stage 1 and 2. Topics include pets, habitats, lifecycles and local democracy. There’s also some nice interactive resources on the work of the organisation.

Sheppard Software Maths September 4, 2008

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There are some really fun and interesting Flash powered maths games on this US site. Unfortunately, a lot of advertising make it unsuitable for independent use. The site is probably best used for whole class or supervised group work.

Dan & The Magic Musician September 3, 2008

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It’s probably verging on propaganda but this site from the Royal College of Organists has quite a fun video that introduces younger children to the pipe organ. It might proves useful if you’re planning on visiting your local church or are going to hear an organ recital.

English Heritage TV September 2, 2008

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This site, from English Heritage, houses a collection of The History Channel videos, some of which may be useful for primary history lessons, particularly the how-to guides. You will definitely need to watch them through first as some of the videos contain language or information that you would probably not want to discuss with primary students.