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Polyhedra January 14, 2008

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If you’re looking for printable nets of polyhedra then check out this website.  It’s got all the standard 3D shapes like cubes, prisms and pyramids as well as more complicated constructions like rhombicosidodecahedrons and octahemioctahedrons.

All About Explorers January 9, 2008

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Do your students believe that everything they read on the Internet is true? Do they simply copy from books or websites without thinking about how accurate those sources might be? See if they get caught out by the excellent ‘All About Explorers’ website that is deliberately full of inaccuracies. You’d hope that they’d see that the Christopher Columbus information is obviously fake but I imagine that the Sir Francis Drake page might cause some confusion.

Send a Cow January 8, 2008

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Send a Cow is a charity that provides livestock and training to poor families in Africa. Their Cowfiles.com website contains lesson plans, ideas and teaching resources. There is lots of general material on Africa and African life as well as a whole section with activities themed around growing plants.

You may also like to check out SAC’s main site and their award winning children’s website Cowforce.