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Lemonade Stands November 20, 2007

Posted by admin in : ICT , trackback

I’ve mentioned several websites in the past that are useful when you’re looking at computer modelling and simulations in ICT.

Although they’re more of a US thing, lemonade stands have always been a popular subject for simulations. I can even remember playing one myself in school on the old rubber-keyed Spectrum! Here are some slightly more modern versions…

Moneyville Lemonade Stand
This activity (from the Moneyville site at OMSI) is a great example featuring engaging graphics and audio as well as three different difficulty levels.

This version of the idea has varying manufacturing costs and charges for advertising. I’m not that keen on it because of the lack of an animated “selling” phase.

This more complicated example has you making decisions about the number of paper cups and other supplies you purchase. For older students only.