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Paint.net November 30, 2007

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I’ve been using this piece of software for absolutely ages but I’ve only just realised that I’ve never linked to it before on this site.

Paint.net is a brilliant free image package that runs on Windows XP SP2 (or later). It contains many of the features of expensive packages including layers, special effects, bezier curves, magic wand, clone stamp and recolouring tools.

If you don’t have a decent image editing program on your laptop or desktop PC then Paint.net is well worth downloading.

LearnEnglish Kids November 29, 2007

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There are songs, stories (including animated fairy tales) on this great site from the British Council for young English learners.

Lookybook November 28, 2007

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Buying picture books isn’t necessarily something that you want to do online. There is nothing better than going into a bookshop and browsing through the pages yourself. Lookybook aims to bring some of the offline advantages to the online experience by providing a website where you can flick through the pages of an entire book.

It allows you to get a real idea whether each title is suitable for your students (or your own children) before buying the book. It also showcases some of the older or harder to find books that traditional booksellers don’t have the space to display.

You can buy each book on the site (it’s currently only linked Amazon US), share a link to the book or add it to your own virtual library.

You can also embed a mini version of the book in a webpage like this…

It’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing how the site expands in the future.

(Link originally discovered via Larry Ferlazzo’s blog.)

Collective Worship November 27, 2007

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I’ve mentioned two of the Culham Institute‘s sites before on the blog (REonline / REfuel). This particular resource contains a large amount of material to help you deliver your daily collective worship sessions. The site is split into sections with resources for small groups, larger assemblies, topical material and videos & powerpoints. There is a full archive and a searchable database of prayers.

All About Animals November 26, 2007

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Northumberland’s All About Animals is an online pictorial database resource that has been designed to cover ICT objectives (Unit 2C) in the Key Stage One curriculum.

The database contains pictures and information on 65 different animals. Students can sort through the data by either browsing the animals by habitats, navigating the alphabetical index page or by using the search box.

Kent NGfL Games November 23, 2007

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The Kent NGfL site is one that I’ve always regularly used and linked to. This particular link is to their interactive games page which features some brilliant resources created by James Barrett. Formerly a teacher at Toftwood Infant School, James also created the ICT Games site I’ve mentioned in the past.

Bedford Bytes November 22, 2007

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This site, based around two museums in Bedford, contains really useful material to help teachers cover some of the QCA units of work.

‘Toys of the Past’ (KS1 History) features several toy sorting and describing activities as well as a wonderful gallery of old toys.

‘Mother Nature, Designer’ (KS2 Art & Design) has art examples, photographs of both natural and designed objects and an online pattern making activity.

Finally, ‘Take a Seat’ (KS2 Art & Design) contains photographs of chairs from the museum collection, art featuring chairs and two interactive activities.

Each section of the site also includes a introduction for teachers, a scheme of work, some activity sheets (where appropriate) and examples of pupils’ work.

Religious Artefacts November 21, 2007

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The University of Strathclyde‘s website contains a great collection of photographs of artefacts for several different religions. Saves a lot of time searching the Web for images.

(Updated 4/9/15: Fixed the link a second time as the resources had moved again)

Lemonade Stands November 20, 2007

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I’ve mentioned several websites in the past that are useful when you’re looking at computer modelling and simulations in ICT.

Although they’re more of a US thing, lemonade stands have always been a popular subject for simulations. I can even remember playing one myself in school on the old rubber-keyed Spectrum! Here are some slightly more modern versions…

Moneyville Lemonade Stand
This activity (from the Moneyville site at OMSI) is a great example featuring engaging graphics and audio as well as three different difficulty levels.

This version of the idea has varying manufacturing costs and charges for advertising. I’m not that keen on it because of the lack of an animated “selling” phase.

This more complicated example has you making decisions about the number of paper cups and other supplies you purchase. For older students only.

Virtual Orchestra November 19, 2007

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This Northumberland Grid for Learning site provides a virtual tour of the orchestra. You can view photographs of each instrument and hear them being played.