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Daftdoggy October 30, 2007

Posted by admin in : ICT, Software , trackback

This is an interesting new web resource that is currently in beta. The creator of the site emailed me the following details:

Daftdoggy is a website that allows you to record a websurfing session and then save it as a link to share with others. So, if you want to give someone a guided tour around the Intenet, from a single link, then now you can.

But what makes Daftdoggy really useful for teachers is that, after you saved your session, you can then edit it to add comments and teaching notes. On playback there is a small blue box at the bottom of the page which, when you place your mouse over, gives a translucent screen containing whatever you’d like to say about a particular webpage. So now you can tell people why you want them to see a certain webpage. You can point out what’s good and bad about the page before moving on the next one.

I would think that the site would be very useful for webquests or project work. You could put together a question for the children to answer about each of the websites that they visit. Here’s a very simple example of a WWII webquest.

It’s important to remember that Daftdoggy doesn’t stop students from navigating elsewhere so the usual care at selecting suitable sites and monitoring Internet use still apply.

You could also use Daftdoggy on training courses. Here’s an example tour of the Primary Resources websites that I’ve put together.