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SEN Resources September 7, 2007

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There’s a few sites I want to mention today…

Widgit’s Support for Parents & Carers
As well as providing lots of great software and communication materials Widgit keep producing lots of nice mini-sites. I’ve mentioned several of them in the blog before now. These new pages have been designed to support the parents & carers of children with SEN. The mini-site provides easy access to a lot of downloadable materials (such as stories, games, vocabularly lists etc.) that can be printed to help out with learning at home.

Ispeek Freebies
There’s several nice free downloads on this website, including several that will be useful for all pupils not just those with SEN. I particularly like the passport booklets. The Rice Krispie Cakes recipe page would be useful if you’re looking at instructional texts.

Communication 4 All
You have to browse around a lot to find the free resources on this site but there’s plenty of interesting material to be had if you do. The signing resources page has a nice set of classroom labels, there’s some useful sheets on the science pages and also four good powerpoints in the download section.