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Sebran September 7, 2007

Posted by admin in : English/Literacy, Foundation Stage, Maths/Numeracy , trackback

This is another great free program. Written by Swedish programmer Marianne Wartoft, Sebran will be particularly useful to those teaching early Key Stage 1 or SEN children. It consists of 12 numeracy/literacy activities that cover areas such as counting, simple addition & subtraction, multiplication, word recognition and initial letters. As with all software there’s areas that could do with tweaking (such as the use of capital letters in certain place where I’m sure KS1 colleagues might prefer lowercase) but it is still a super program and would be particularly effective on a touch screen.

Marianne’s site also includes several other free downloads include miniSebran (a collection of activities for even younger children), a phonics game, a geography game, vocabulary training programs and a poetry screen saver.