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Wikipedia August 27, 2007

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Wikipedia is a site I’ve been using an awful lot lately to research a whole range of different topics. It’s is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to and edit. There’s thousands of contributors adding, amending and checking articles them for accuracy.

All the usual subjects you’d expect covered in an encyclopedia are included but, because of the huge community input there’s also entries on films, television programmes, hobbies and a multitude of other areas of interest.

Apparently a fairly recent analysis showed Wikipedia had about 900,000 articles with 224 million words. Compare that to the Britannica which has about 85,000 articles with 55 million words and Encarta which has about 63,000 articles and 40 million words to date.

It’s well worth having a look at and is also a good alternative to doing an Internet search if you’re after a particular piece of information.