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Roller Coaster Simulations August 27, 2007

Posted by admin in : ICT , trackback

In the Summer term I used a great little online roller coaster simulator with my class of Year 3. You had to click and drag the slopes of the roller coaster to make your course and test it out to see if it achieved the target score. If the acceleration was too much you’d cause the passengers to black out and if it was too shallow then they would find it boring. I was going to post a link to it here but I totally neglected to store the address on my home computer and can’t seem to find it in an Internet search.

My time wasn’t totally wasted, though as I managed to find two other great little simulations that do a similar job. The Discovery Channel’s Build a Coaster game lets you drag sections of track onto the screen to build your own roller coaster. The ‘fear-o-meter’ rates your progress.

A more complicated simulation is the Funderstanding Roller Coaster. There’s lots of variables that you can play with on this one and if you don’t get things right then the carriage won’t make it to the end of the coaster.