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Gorman and Wallace August 27, 2007

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http://www.davegorman.com & http://www.dannywallace.com
Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace are two very funny guys whose books you should check out if you haven’t already. They mix humour, world travel and the strangest situations you could ever imagine to produce witty, informative and brilliant reads.

They first collaborated on the excellent Are You Dave Gorman? in which a drunken bet resulted in Dave and Danny scouring the world for other people called Dave Gorman. Dave’s second adventure saw him travelling the globe to attempt to meet a chain of googlewhacks in Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure (also now on DVD). What is a googlewhack? … click here.

Danny’s solo projects have included started his own cult (sorry, collective) in Join Me, creating and running his own country (as seen on BBC TV) and saying yes to everything in Yes Man.

Do yourself a favour and buy, borrow or steal (ahem… sorry, loan from the library) a copy of these books.

This is the last ‘half-term’ link before we get back to normal (which will undoubtably be a relief to those of you whose half term was last week anyway!)