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Google Earth August 27, 2007

Posted by admin in : Geography , trackback

Google Earth has got to be one of the most amazing programs you can download for free at the moment. Best on a PC with a good graphics card, it allows you to ‘search’ the entire world. Type in a destination and the world spins, the camera zooms and you find yourself flying towards the point you’ve selected. Watch in awe as you fly over the alps. Zoom in on famous world landmarks.
The quality of the satellite imagery varies depending on the area you’re looking at (the UK images on the whole aren’t brilliant but there are some really detailed sections). You can spend hours just playing about with it. It’s really well worth checking out.
Google have been offering a free pro licence of the software to schools and teachers (***Thanks to Mark Warner for letting me know that Google have been so innundated with requests for this that the offer has been discontinued at this time***)