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ArtisanCam August 27, 2007

Posted by admin in : Art & Design , trackback

I recently received an email about this fascinating art website. I’d not come across it before but I’ll definitely be spending a lot of time exploring it further.

ArtisanCam is a free on-line teaching aid aimed at Key Stage 2 & 3 pupils and teachers. Backed by artists, it’s an interactive site where pupils can watch live-streaming of an artist working in a studio and on location as they create a piece of work.

Participating schools can submit questions via e-mail or participate in live video-conferences and the pupils can even submit pictures of there own work to the gallery section of the site.

There’s lots of past projects archived on the site that you can watch. In one of the examples you can view Anthony Gormley’s great ‘Field for the British Isles’ piece of work being assembled. Consisting of 40,000 little clay people it’s certainly a major undertaking.

Well worth visiting and best experienced with a broadband connection.