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The ESP Game August 22, 2007

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The ESP Game is something I came across a while back. It’s fun but also quite interesting educationally.

It’s a two player game. You are paired up randomly and are both shown a series of pictures. You need to look at the picture a type a word associated with the image. When both players have typed the same word a new picture is shown. It’s actually a lot more fun and addictive than you may think.

There is a fairly serious purpose behind the game. By playing the game you are giving each image a label or tag. By having humans tag these pictures (which all come from web sites) quite an accurate image search engine is being created that allow you to search the contents of pictures.

You could some of the ideas behind this game in the classroom. Show the class pictures and get your students to independently write three key words they would associate with the pictures. Then collect all the words they’ve come up with. Which ones were the most popular? Which are the most accurate? Which are the most interesting? Which ones are nouns, which ones adjectives? It could link in to work on descriptive writing and also to ICT work when looking at databases.